never fall in love with an actress
never fall in love with an actress


i think its dumb if drug dealers get sentenced to longer in prison than rapists?? like people ask for drugs but no one asks for rape???

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thought you should know xoxoxo

I hate all those immature little vine boys but damn JACK GILLINSKY FACE AND BODY WAS DEFINITELY CARVED BY ANGELS

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Love this film
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i follow back :)
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Good Vibes HERE
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Anonymous has asked: top six ways to insult boys



  1. purposefully forget their names
  2. any time yr talking about anything outside the realm of COD, energy drinks, or football, pause and giggle and say “oh, but sorry - you wouldn’t know anything about this, right? we can change the subject”
  3. extension on #1: call him by the name of another boy w the same hair color as him. when he protests, laugh and act like he’s trying to trick u
  4. "hold this." stop acknowledging him for the remainder of the encounter until it is time to collect you bag/purse/coat/etc
  5. "sorry, what? i wasn’t listening" rinse and repeat
  6. tilt yr head. make a cute face. “awwwwww”

the boy tears in the notes are amazing

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Xiao Wen Ju 

i want those glasses
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This sign means “you’re on the right way”…but am i?_______________________________________________
"Mine fotspor ble vasket vekk for hvert nye skritt jeg tok, og ikke engang all verdens indianere ville være istand til å finne frem til meg i dette kaoset."(c)Johan Harstad,"Buzz Aldrin, hvor ble det av deg i alt mylderet?"
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